Turtle Bracelets Made for a Friend

About a month and a half ago, I bought lime green seed beads for a really good price, but I didn’t know what to do with them. I texted a friend of mine who likes teal, green, and blue, to show her my new purchase and if she would like me to make something for her and her sister. She excitedly texted back, yes. I didn’t have any teal (still looking) and thought that this green would be an decent substitute.

I was stuck on the design for 2-3 weeks. One day, I was in the area of a craft store so I stopped by and to use a coupon I had. Turns out they had a sale on beads and stones. After about an hour of indecisiveness, I bought turtle stone beads among other things (I will not post my receipt). The design continued to be a challenge as well as making it.

Ultimately, I made nearly identical bracelets for my friend, though, when I met with her to give her the bracelets, she forgot that one of them was for her sister. She added that she liked them so much that she might keep both for herself! If her sister doesn’t know about it, it won’t hurt her, right?

This image features a pair of beachy turtle stretchy bracelets. The colors involved are aqua blue, ocean blue, a shade of white-to-beige (not quite identified), lime green, clear, and pastel blue. Although bracelets are round, my design shows that there's a top for the top of your wrist and is about 30% of the bracelet. The top portion begins with a large aqua blue bicone crystal, then spreads into two lines with 3 lime green seed beads and a small ocean blue bicone crystal on each of the two lines. Then the lines merge to string the turtle that's a neutral white-to-beige color, then the lines split in two again with lime green seed beads and ocean blue bicones, and a large aqua blue bicone. The remainder of the bracelet splits into 2 lines, and each line consists of its own pattern with seed beads and what are appear to be acrylic (faux) stones.
Beachy Turtle Bracelets

This is a two-sided, double stranded stretchy bracelet. The top side has 6 bicones, two large aqua on the sides and 4 small royal blue ones with tiny lime green seed beads in between. It also features a large “Reconstituted Stone Turtle” in the center.

The remaining portion of the bracelet consists of 2 sizes of lime green seed beads sprinkled with faux stone beads in light blue and clear. Both strands have a different pattern. Also, when worn, the green side will naturally twist to create a complex and intriguing look. The image above says it all.

The image below is my friend beautifully modeling the bracelet for me (I got permission to feature her in this post).

My friend Betty is modeling the beachy turtle bracelet I made for her. The lime green seed beads and shades of oceanic blues pair well with her floral pants.
Beachy Turtle Bracelet – Modeled by Betty

It warmed my heart to see my friend so excited about these bracelets. I asked for feedback and she told me what I wanted to hear – “I know they’re there, but I don’t feel them.” Other than how it looked, the other goal is comfort.

In the image above, she told me she bought those cute floral pants to match the bracelet. She also took a very nice picture for this post – the aqua crystal hints at a sparkle, the green beads shimmer, and the turtle shell is clear to show its ridges and the little feet. She’s a really good friend.

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