Another Post on Shiny Bosses

Hello there!

Last I wrote about Shiny Bosses I couldn’t imagine that I’d had so many good bosses.  I have another fantastic boss to talk about.  

I tutor an older student who treats me very well and does so much for me.

  1. She’s positive and really nice.  When she answers the door, she has a big smile on her face and happily greets me like she looked forward to seeing me.  She also praises me for my good work.  She says that I’m expensive but I’m worth it.  She offers me a beverage (the expensive, organic, healthy juices). If I have a problem, she finds a solution.  Just this morning, I did visual for outlining and used a chopstick that was too short for my visual, and she found a longer metal skewer and gave it to me so I can use it next time I teach outlining.  She volunteers and donates to non-profit organizations.  She also gave me some office supplies and saved me the time of going to buy them.
  2. Flexible with my schedule.  I was recently hired to become an Academic Coach at a school, and informed my tutoree/employer that I would be working 5 days a week, so we needed to change tutoring days or do other adjustments in the schedule.  Even though she had informed me several times that she’s flexible with my schedule, this new one was a really big change, and I was afraid that she would find another tutor to fit her busy life.  She’s true to her word.  We made schedule changes this morning, with subsequent changes to come when her she has a new school schedule for the fall semester.
  3. She pays me for the time I spend at home working.  I work harder when I’m at home and it’s good to be paid for work that I do at home.  I haven’t been doing this for a long time, so I’m still experimenting with employers, but if I were to privately tutor another student, I would draw up a contract and have both the parent and child sign it (as my current tutoree suggested).  Since I’m a wage employee instead of a salary employee, I’m entitled to be paid for the work I do at home.  This was the point of disagreement that ended the work relationship between one of former employers in Shiny Bosses.
  4. Awesome stuff from Japan.  I had only worked for her for 2 months when she planned a vacation with her husband to go to Japan.  She asked me to think about what I wanted from Japan.  When I told her that I wanted something I could use in the classroom to show my students, like something from WWII, she got me 2 books (one of them came with a CD), she gave me a packet of matcha green tea, tea cookies, and banana cakes.  She’s very generous in her gifts.
  5. Super helpful.  If this wasn’t clear in #1, here’s a point for how helpful she is.  I had a really big, pressurized interview with a big school district for a teaching position.  I asked her to give me a mock interview in exchange for 4 hours of work I spent at home.  The mock interview was hard, which I was very grateful for, because I was competing with someone 2 other qualified candidates.  She gave me advice on what to wear and not wear (nothing I didn’t already know, but I really appreciated her opinion on the limited attire I had because I horizontally outgrew most of my wardrobe).  She lent me a black, leather folder-type thing that made me look so much more professional, she lent me a huge book on writing cover letters and resumes, and gave me valuable advice by writing my questions out, saying the interviewers’ name when I answered their questions, and to ask for a business card to send a thank you note.  (I’m a stickler for spelling, so getting a business card was a really good idea that I’ve never done.)

She possesses other great qualities that make her an awesome person, but probably for another post.  I also do things for her, too, mostly cutting costs (because I’m so expensive).  I find creative ways, like when she took me to look at mansions in her neighborhood, she had already paid me for the time we were to tutor in-person, but we spent an hour and a half looking at mansions, so I relabeled that time as time she paid me for work I hadn’t done yet.  Looking at those mansions was enjoyable for both of us, so I’m glad to spend time with a friend.

Until next time, everyone.  Thanks for reading.

Feel free to share how your boss is awesome.


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