Picking up the Pieces

Have you ever had your world crashing down on you? 

In the month of April (2017), I lost two jobs.  I’ve been working at the first one for over a year and the owner of the shop decided to close her shop because she didn’t have the same passion today as she did when she started.  I fully support her decision because I only want what’s best for her.  For the second job, after I was hospitalized, I was almost immediately replaced.  I was in a groove with all of these part-time jobs; I was busy but I could still keep my nights (most of the time).   I really like my boss for the first job, and I really like the staff and students for the second one.

I was so upset at the second job loss, because it wasn’t my fault, and I was discharged and able to resume work again next week.

Now I’m left with one.  I’m thankful to have this boss be a good one as well, and she kept me busy when I was out of work (even though she didn’t know it at the time).  Keeping my mind busy with other work is a good coping mechanism.  I’m hunting for jobs again and not being so upset about it; it’s just the way it is and I’m moving on.

Thanks for reading.


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