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The Scent of … Breadcrumbs?

I saw a Teacher position that I really, really want about a month ago and have been on its scent as much as I could professionally (not being suffocating).

Earlier last month, I hadn’t applied for the position yet, just inquired about it due to my current work obligations and wanted to know if I could add this position to my schedule, but I was requested to send my résumé and I was set up with a phone interview.

I applied for the position soon after that and I was contacted again a couple of weeks later for another phone interview, though I don’t think the interviewer knew that he would be interviewing me again.  Thank goodness, because the first one wasn’t great.

The second interview went better than expected, and was contacted again later for an in-person interview, as well as visiting the school.

I went to the interview, and was a little unprepared with the number of résumés and materials I brought – 3 interviewers and I only brought 2 résumés, 1 project, and 1 outline of a project with 5 lesson plans.  The interview questions were the same as the second interview, but with some follow-up questions based on my responses.  I did a demonstration from one of the worst days of student teaching (but the incident itself was important, since the student became a good citizen in my class and passed one semester).

The demo was a little awkward and and I’m a little embarrassed.  Nothing like pressing my chest right up against the eyes of the interviewer who volunteered to be in that demo.  The interviewer thanked me for the demo.

Planning my Thank You letters last night and today.  Have to send them soon.

I logged into WP (I listed both my blogs on my résumé) and saw that a couple of posts from this blog were clicked on, possibly read, that didn’t reflect well on me.

I’m a little worried.

Thanks for reading 🙂


I recalled and reflected on the in-person interview and it didn’t go well, because I didn’t answer critical questions.

I wasn’t invited to visit the school and I wasn’t hired.

I logged into LinkedIn and saw the position still wasn’t filled yet, so I applied again, and replied to the email that rejected me saying that I noticed the position looks like it hasn’t been filled yet, so I’m applying again with some additional info.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.

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