Music is Missing

If you’re a blogger and write to stay sane in your busy life, I get it.  I love to write (some evidence is the name of this blog – Read and Write Here).  I don’t write as much as I like, and it’s in part to not having inspiration or anything worth sharing when I participate in the Daily Prompts like so many of you.  The other part is being crazy busy.

But I did get some time off and took a chance to return to my novel, Elle’s Adventure in China (EACh).*  I returned to edit (so much harder to edit your own work) a chapter, and it got me to escape to a music studio in China with the life of people I used to know.  (Reading this chapter also made me connect some characters to people I’ve come across since I wrote it, and some of the conversations really made me think of what I want my current and future students to take from them if they happen upon it.  I hope they never find EACh, really).

But rereading EACh made me think about my favorite music artist, so I looked him up on YouTube and saw he got a couple of new songs up.  There were more when I visited his page, and out of 6 or 7 new songs (new to me), I only liked one.  (By the way, you don’t know if you like a certain food/dish until you tried it at least 8 times.  I assume the same applies to music).  Anyway, it’s still progressing.  To keep my first impression (and bias) at bay, I listen to new music at different times of the day and over a course of 2 weeks to see if I like it.  Good songs persevere through time.

The internet playlist also included his older songs, and I prefer his older songs.  I found out what was missing – music.  It’s been months since I listened to my favorite artist’s music.  I’ve written something to the effect that I don’t feel like a whole person if I don’t read the news.  I’ve been reading the news, and it’s a start to my day as I normalize my work schedule.  However, as a firm believer that listening to music disrupts your concentration, I don’t listen to music while I work, which is most of my day.

I finally got some time off.  Reading EACh coupled with listening to my favorite songs really made me feel like a whole person.  I also felt inspired to continue EACh and write poems and lyrics.  I’ll be posting the next part of Book 2, Chapter 4 on EACh later today.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

* For blogs that I’ve liked or commented on, you’ll see the icon from Elle’s Adventure in China, not Read and Write Here.


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