Prophecy? Tutor, Possibly

It’s been a while since I published a post here, and I was looking at this blog from the public’s view and saw one of my top posts is Prophecy? What Prophecy? I remembered when I wrote that, and I felt like the universe was against me.  (I was right, by the way; the evidence spoke for themselves: no school, roadblock, theft, 7-month unemployment, roadblock, roadblock, school + work, unemployment, and monumental expenses.)  I constantly doubted my desire to teach, and the care I had for my students couldn’t compensate for my ineffectiveness.  When I wrote that post, I was depressed at my defeat and tried to cheer myself up.

Dear readers,

I write to you today to inform you that I had passed the edTPA! I will become a credentialed teacher once I pay the credential processing fee and wait for the process to be completed.  One of my employers (who was one of my professors and my first employer) congratulated me immediately and asked if I needed a letter of recommendation.  Nobody wants to write an LOR so if an employer offers one, you know you have a wonderful one.  (She submitted a bunch of things for a promotion, and I hope she gets it.  She’s ready for it, deserves it, and her work speak for themselves.  Hopefully the universe takes the hint and swings in her favor.)

After several attempts from not being hired for positions I’m qualified for (teacher’s assistant and tutor for multiple tutoring centers), and then turning down a tutoring position because I wasn’t going to get what I asked for, I am a tutor today.  I tutor business, writing, learning, studying, and organization.  I work with individual students who put in the effort and are persistent, so I know they’ll be successful.  I greatly appreciate that I get good reviews from and get appreciated by parents, and I greatly appreciate children who are excited when I come.  It’s so rewarding when kids show improvement.  

I was recommended by a parent (current employer 2) to one of her friends’ son for learning, studying, and life lessons.  I didn’t think that I would ever experience the day when I was recommended for a position by anyone.  A different parent (current employer 3) showed potential interest in me tutoring her child in math.  I’m getting work! I am in demand! All those applications, cover letters, resumes, and about 50 rejections and non-replies in a 4-month period, I’m really happy with being a tutor.  I’m so thankful I have wonderful employers.  I also can’t do it without my family. 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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