Incidents of Clumsiness

I’m just sharing a couple incidents of my clumsiness.  Glad if I can make you laugh.

I’ve tripped over my own feet and the sidewalk.  People can understand how others trip on the sidewalk – there’s a hole, there’s a sudden increase or decrease in height, people plain old aren’t watching where they’re going.  All this happened and will happen to me.  I’ve also tripped over my own feet, even when I’m watching where I’m going.  I could be in a rush or just casually walking and I’d kick myself and try to recover like that didn’t happen.  It’s embarrassing when I’m wearing sneakers.

Things slide off the table.  Nearly a week ago, I went to an eatery, sat at a table for 4, and it was just me and another person at this point of the night.  I’m usually really organized with everything on the table, but I had a few drops of soup splash on the cloth napkin.  I was almost done eating and decided to put my napkin on the table.  I brought a few pairs of disposable chopsticks to eat sushi, and I put them on top the napkin.  I was moving things to the corner so it was easier for the waitress to take the dishes away, but things kept sliding off the table.  The napkin and chopsticks fell on the floor.  The paper napkins also fell making a dotted white mess on the red carpet.  I wasn’t wearing a long-sleeve shirt that drags on the table, and my arm skin wasn’t touching anything.  People at 12 surrounding tables, booths, passersby, and 5 employees were witnesses.


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