Keeping Promises

It’s a sucky feeling to have someone break a promise they made to you.   I’m the kind of person who asks you to do something for me if I can’t do it myself and only you can do it.  Likewise, if someone asks me to do something and I agree, I interpret it as a promise.

As I’ve grown older and busier, I’ve also been much more forgetful.  Being so forgetful causes me to accidentally break my promises – sorry, everything else going on in my life is more of a priority than whatever it is you need me to do.  I’m also a person who habitually writes on her hand and arm to remind her.  If you’ve ever written anything on your hand and washed it with soap, you know they’ll disappear  Nearly a year ago, I made a really good purchase and bought pens I thought I never tried (turns out my brother got me some of these pens a while back and I never used them).

Z-Grip Neon Ballpoint Pens
Z-Grip Neon Ballpoint Pens

The ones I bought were inexpensive and more colorful than the image on the left.  Ink is very smooth on paper and doesn’t wash off so easily when I wash my hands.  Sometimes the ink will stay on overnight, but they’ll disappear the next day.  I love these pens!

Getting back to keeping promises, studies show that writing things down helps you remember and learn better.  I’ve been writing on my hand and arm since middle school, and it reminds me of my promises and to-do list.  (I’ve also had someone borrow my black pen and keep it.)

I’ve also had someone tell me that if you need to something, wear a rubber band on your wrist.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the smell of rubber bands…and latex gloves.  The smell sticks to my skin and I really don’t like that.

For those who promise something even though you know you can’t keep it because of your schedule or you know you can’t do it, do everyone a favor and don’t make that promise to begin with.  You can’t make the excuse that you’re being nice by promising something you know you can’t do, but you’re causing more  problems for that person later.  If I need a letter of recommendation, and you don’t have the time to write one or can’t write a good one, don’t agree to it.  Let me find someone else and give them the minimum time to write it.  If you agree for malicious reasons – knowing you won’t keep the promise – don’t be a malicious person to begin with.  The world doesn’t work better with malice.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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