Rob Lowe

I think Rob Lowe is very attractive, and he’s only 52!

Rob Lowe on Code Black
Rob Lowe on Code Black

However, since Code Black (a TV series drama in the medical field.  Rob Lowe is joining the cast) premiers tonight, Rob Lowe went to  interviews yesterday to promote the show and its premier.  I didn’t just not like his haircut/hairstyle, I disagree with it.

It’s light brown (at least lighter than I’ve seen him) and bounces at the top.  Studies have shown that people look younger when their hair is lighter in color (or when people want to look younger they dye their hair a lighter color).

Zac Efron
Zac Efron

My source of disagreement with his haircut/hairstyle is because I’ve seen him with other hairstyles/looks and he looks age-appropriate and handsome.  But this makes me think he’s trying to return to Zac Efron’s age.

I was going to post a few more pictures of Rob Lowe anyway, but because I know I’m going to get a spectrum of disagreement, it will act as a safety precaution.  These are when Rob Lowe looks age-appropriate, mature may be more accurate.  Mr. Lowe ages very well.

Rob Lowe

Rob LoweRob Lowe


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