Mistakes – Short- and Long-Term

I see myself as a life-long learner, so if I make mistakes and fail, I learn from them and try not to make them in the future.  Job applications and cover letters are still works-in-progress (trial and error), while I choose procrastination and laziness more often and pay for it later.

I’m a very private person, however, once I get to know you – you share about yourself – and I feel comfortable enough and trust you, then I’ll start sharing.  Otherwise it’s mostly you talking and me listening (even if you’re boring.  If you talk about superficial things, then I’m outta there).

I remembered on my second semester of student teaching, the lesson was on how things happened by chance.  I told one of my classes that I wasn’t accepted into the university’s Teacher Credential Program the first time I applied, but if I had, then I wouldn’t have met so many of the great teachers that summer and made all of these new friends in the program.  I didn’t tell the class why I wasn’t accepted and nobody asked.  [I was conditionally accepted by the university; after too many attempts with the fingerprint background checks that the FBI claimed they couldn’t read it or process it, the result wasn’t accepted as a pass, sometimes it was inconclusive, sometimes a fail.  I couldn’t get clearance to work at a school by the deadline, not because I wasn’t accepted into the school but because the FBI had a problem with me.]

My mentor teacher was in the room and after the period ended, she said, if you tell the class you failed, then they’re going to think you’re stupid, therefore, not credible.  I was seriously upset about this response.  I knew it wasn’t my fault for not getting accepted the first time.  My mentor teacher responded that it didn’t matter that it wasn’t my fault, they’re going to think you’re stupid if you don’t get in the first time.  Personally, I don’t associate with people who think like this, but this brought a big shock to me since I’m now exposed and will be working with and teaching to those who think this way.  (Once the assigned College Project was assigned, one of things students had to look up was the acceptance rate of the university they chose, so if they remembered this piece of info. about me, I hope they see that none of the schools that were featured had a 100% acceptance rate, which means some of them will get bad news in the future.)

I didn’t pass the edTPA (not sure what the “ed” stands for since “TPA” stands for “Teacher Performance Assessment.  If it’s “education”-related, it’s redundant) my first time around, so I’m working on my second submission.  Aside from working on this, I’m still looking for work, in addition to my one, sometimes, two jobs.  With cover letters and job applications, I made mistakes by writing a lot, even if they’re all relevant to the job to show I’m capable of doing all the things they’re requiring I know how to do.  These are only short-term mistakes that I know will pass in due time.

In addition to short-term mistakes and failures, keep learning from your mistakes and failures.  From my perspective, have a growth-mindset; learn from your mistakes for your life.  One reason why Chinese people have great reverence for older people is because they’re wiser – they gain life experience as well as pass down traditional cures for ailments.  You have to have knowledge to survive.  If someone in the clan got sick with a new disease, as a medicine man (or woman) or a shaman, you try to cure it with a remedy that cures something similar; when that doesn’t work, you try something else.  This scientific trial-and-error method is valuable and you’re probably using it without knowing that you’re using it.  When I was getting ready for wedding, I knew I was going to wear a dress that showed my legs, so I applied lotion from Bath and Body Works 3-4 times a day to have smooth, sexy legs by the time of the wedding.  I became very fatigued, my skin turned yellow, and my urine smelled like chemicals.  I stopped using it after the wedding for some time.  I suspected it was the lotion so I tried again and again.  It was definitely the lotion.  Bath and Body Works lotion made me very ill, like alcoholics suffering from liver disease, because the liver processes all the chemicals and has you urinate it; if your chemical intake is too much for your liver to handle, then you’re going to get ill.

Athletes who think they’re innately superior will need to practice, otherwise, those who practice will surpass them.  Workers need to continually gain skills for how things their industry is changing in order to still be valuable to the business to keep that job, otherwise, they’d be replace by someone who’s more capable.  Software needs frequent updates to protect users against hackers, improve user experience, etc.  You need to learn and improve over time.


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