Admirable Qualities

I’m a socially awkward person with behaviors and qualities that are strange and sometimes questionable.  What I notice most often is that when I’m standing (I’m usually to busy to stand without waiting in line or on public transportation) I look like I don’t belong, or I’m lost, or bear the “deer in the headlights” look.  Another thing is my weird habit of washing my hands when I want to transition to something else.  For example, when I use my computer and I want to use my phone, I have to wash my hands before I use my phone, and then wash them again when I go back to using my computer.  It could be OCD but I’m staying from not really OCD, but simply for liking to be clean (c’mon people, I need to have a space for some sanity).

There are plenty of generic qualities that I admire as most people do, such as selflessness, caring for others and helping others, empathy, sacrificing for the greater good, etc.

Being aware of some of my deficiencies I also admire those who know where to be when stationary.  I also admire people who can let things go.  I have an obsessive and lengthy process that has reduced since I’ve gotten older and become more confident, and frankly, because I got busier.

What are the out-there qualities that you admire?



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