Out of the Blue

Have you ever had an acquaintance ask you things out of the blue?

People who you haven’t talked to for over 2 years have a thought come to their mind, and they just ask you for a favor or for information.  It’s strangely unpredictable, sometimes bothersome and awkward.

“Do you know Susie Q’s address? I want to send her a wedding invitation!” A subpoena from a person from high school you don’t remember.  You check your yearbook and this person isn’t there, yet they know Susie Q.

“Can you put in a good word for me at Acme Inc.? I’m having an interview with the boss on Thursday.  Thanks!” From the person who you haven’t talked to since college 1,000 years ago.  If they don’t get the job, they blame you all over social media.

“The baby shower for Jane Doe is tomorrow! She’s waiting until birth to find out the sex. Address.  Can’t wait to see you there!” Another subpoena where I have to cancel everything, otherwise, I get a call from my mom the next day asking me, “You don’t like Jane Doe?!” like I’m the most ridiculous person on the planet.  I didn’t even know Jane Doe returned from England.

“Hey, can I borrow your van for my mobile ice cream business?” You’re only my 5th cousin, and the last time I saw you was at a funeral where you made eye contact with me, then bolted like you were running from the mob.

“Hey girl! Can I borrow a bit of your eye shadow? I wanna look good for my boyfriend.” This coming from a friend you see regularly.  My response, “Hell no! I ain’t getting another case of pink eye ’cause of you!” In my mind, “…or worse herpes of the eye.” *Cringe*

“Hey, can I borrow your car to get to an interview?” A couple weeks later, I get tickets in the mail for breaking the law – parking in front of a fire hydrant, parking along a red line, running a red light.  Or I see my car racing on the highway on TV labeled, “BREAKING NEWS” like it’s Need for Speed.


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