Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Sandy Hook School Shooting happened in mid-December 2012.  The semester had ended for students so I turned on the TV to watch re-runs of the talk shows I neglected for my school work, and heard about the shooting.

I was devastated as so many people were.  Most of the victims were only kids about 6 years old.  A bit of time passed and I watched Dr. Phil offer his help to the victims’ families.  They were so sad.  I remember watching President Obama address the nation about this horrific event.  He was deeply saddened and had a tear roll down his cheek.  He tried to do something about gun control but due to the NRA, the measure failed, but it definitely got the wives of NRA members talking about gun control.

I’m not as effective as these two people, since I only wrote a poem.  I referenced that the shooter was a coward, but found out he was mentally unstable/ill, all the more reason to set criteria on who should be allowed to purchase firearms.

Breath Taker

School – the ray of sunshine
Big man entered at half after 9

Tut tut tut tut
Tut tut tut tut
Thud thud thud thud
Tut tut tut tut

Tut tut tut tut
Tut tut tut tut
Thud thud thud thud
2 pools and a trail of blood

21 children and 6 adults died
You killed your mother and committed suicide
Survivors jolt
Parents live in tumult

Big man, you’re not big
You’re a tiny, little twig

Coward! Coward! COWARD!

I could go on a while about pro-gun control, but my Daily Prompts are in the “Shorties” category so I’m keeping the post short.  Thanks for reading.


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