Hot Glass

The issue between police officers and Black people in the U.S. have gone on for too long.

I hear on the news about the police killing a Black man, mostly young Black men, too often, and the frequency is becoming alarming.  These senseless killings are NOT alright.  In Leviathan, the people give up some of their rights to be protected by the government.  If the police is part of the government, why aren’t more people being protected? People haven’t gained more rights for the line on the (imaginary) spectrum to move.

Killing after killing after killing of Black people by the police, I can understand why Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter, shot police officers.  I disagree with his actions but I understand it.

Killing after killing after killing of Black people without moral and defensible justification by the police is like hot glass.  Another Black person killed is another wood block thrown into the fire and heats the glass above more.  The fire is uncontrollable because of the rate and amount of wood blocks being thrown in.  Currently, the product is undetermined but the shaping appears to be intentional.

From a minority in a mixed society:

If you have an issue with the all the people from a mosaic of cultures living in the U.S., then move! Guess what? You weren’t here first! Natives were here before the Spanish and the English.  It’s because of all the contribution as a human race that we have made technological progress, destroyed the Earth for selfish efficiency, and are now trying to fix it long enough for us to colonize Mars, and not learn our Earth history lessons because of our hubris and arrogance and destroy another planet, and finally our species becomes on the Endangered Species list because very few of us are Bear Grylls (and Leslie Jones and Peter Dinklage – if you catch the joke).

If you don’t want to move because this is “your” home, guess what? It’s a lot of people’s homes.  Your home is not more important than my home.  Get over whatever hate and/or biases you have! It’s been two centuries.  How much longer are you going to hold on to your hate/biases? These mindsets aren’t what you ought to pass on as tradition, either.  It’s not fashionable and not valuable.

Take a look at a plate of food.  If you’re having a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, you’re getting noodles from China (most likely, some people argue the Italians came up with it on their own), tomatoes from the Americas, and the meat (choose whatever meat you like) came from Europe (the Americas if you’re eating turkey meatballs), and whoever made your spaghetti and meatballs came from Africa.  If you’re one of those hip people who eat fusion food, it’s right there.  [If you have a dish you want to add, feel free to add it in the comments.]

We are all people.  We all matter.  All lives matter.


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