One Different Hobby

Stop and smell the roses.

I try as regularly as I can to stop and take pictures of clouds.  (I don’t know how to upload pictures from my phone to my computer so I’ll just describe them).

I don’t really like the puffy, cushiony ones that people like to lay on top of or bounce on, since they’ll just drop to their deaths because they’ll fall right through.  (Goku is a different case.)

In a frame, the clouds that dot the sky.  It’s like if you had 6 cloud machines that released a puff of cloud one at a time, simultaneously, and the wind will push them around at will to figure out a puzzle.

Clouds that turn into animals and other things.   One of my first pictures of a cloud was a smeared deer, but everyone that I showed it to never saw a deer (it’s now trapped in my previous phone where the touchscreen doesn’t work, and now lost).  I’ve also had a deity standing on a puffy cloud at one point.

The smeared ones.  Like if you took a paint brush and wiped the cloud, and they’re flat.

Clouds surrounding the sun.  I take pictures of the clouds that look like there’s movement or dancing around the sun.

Waves.  Have you seen the clouds that look like ocean waves and with a breeze, the waves are moving? I’ve only seen them once.  The tips at the top also curled as the breeze pushed them elsewhere.

Me and clouds in a post.


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