End of the School Year

I was super excited that the school year was ending because I was exhausted.

I knew the last day was yesterday; I ordered my classes to have a good summer.  I just didn’t mean it.  I don’t wish them to not enjoy their summer; I felt like I was going to see them again today.  I mean, it’s mid-morning on Wednesday.

Guess what I did this morning.  Woke up at 7am (instead of 5am and already being in my classroom), ate breakfast, and did chores.

I went to my classroom a couple of hours later to double-check my kids’ grades before I submit everything to admin., and the classroom was filled with empty seats.  I’m really not going to see my kids anymore.  I didn’t hug any of my fellow teachers goodbye (though, they were busy with graduation), just, there were those who helped me, some would counsel me because of the high-stress nature of the job, and some listened to me complain about my kids who wouldn’t do anything and my futile attempts of having parents/guardians involved (I’m like, don’t they want their child to pass the class, and therefore, leads them to graduate high school?).

My empty classroom is so strange and I miss my kids so much.


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