Too Hot!

It’s summer in SW U.S.A.  Sigh.

Global warming states that the Earth is in a global warming right now, but I’m ready for a global cooling.

Forehead drips

Neck drips

Underarms drip

Back drips

Fingers drip

Legs drip

Feet drip

It’s a very wet day.

*It’s not my best work but I’m in a place without A/C and I’m melting.  This heat is affecting me.

One of my students took a picture of me, where I look like I’m sleeping with my mouth open, but I’m just tired.  “When the heat gets to you,” captioned my student.  It was a hilarious picture…haha…haha…hahahahaaaaaaaaa.

Be considerate in this weather.  Save energy for the elderly and the young ones, because they need it more than we do.



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