Don’t Know Where to Go

I just finished a chapter in my life.  Now it’s all up to me again.

I haven’t figured out which path I want to take to the top of the mountain yet.  I know I can’t stay at this spot forever; I’ll eat all my food and die from hunger before I get to the next stop.  I need to move soon.  The night is getting near and this is not a rest stop where I can really rest.

I can take Path A where I know there will be a cave I can rest in.  Delaying my journey up the mountain again.

I can take Path B where I let the sun decide.  The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

I can take Path C where I let the moon decide.  The moon controls the storms.

I can take Path D where I see the twig on the path is smiling at me.  My mind is playing tricks on me.

The trip to the apex is foggy.  Time is running out.  I need to decide but I don’t know which path is the best path.


How do you decide which path to take?

What are your interpretations for each path? Justify your interpretations.


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