Scary Parents

Teaching today didn’t go well.

I was ill-prepared but the extremity showed in how the class was talking while I was still trying to get info. out, and me “pointing out” one of the bright students in my class.  Once the bell rang, he said to me, under his breath, something not quite coherent to me, but I think he said I (or my guide teacher) will be expecting an email from his dad.

That’s really x 10 bad.

From what my guide teacher had told me about this man, he’s a genius, very political, and outspoken.  So you know what, it makes me hella scared that this man would send my guide teacher an email about me picking on his kid.  Again, from what my guide teacher had told me, this student has been bullied in other classes as well as being laughed at/snickered by other students (school-is-not-for-me students) in my class, and he told me that he didn’t feel safe (undoubtedly in my class) last week.

I’m in a mental decline right now and I don’t know when I’ll bounce back.  I don’t think it’s possible to be a leader (one of the teacher’s duties) while on a low-mental status, even if it’s temporary.  I’ve lost about 70% of my intelligence and knowledge, so yeah … I’m not on a spot with a nice view right now.  Just waiting for a flood to wipe me out and I’ll either die or survive and recover.

I am unfit to be an independent teacher in this condition.


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