Those Pants

Another boring meeting just got interesting.

Leanne arrived to the meeting late.  She hadn’t placed a name to their faces, just trying to catch her breath and the issues.  They were working on the talking points for the update with their industry partner to hopefully get more money since they found out funding was cut short from the government.

She made eye-contact with those who spoke in the discussion.  One after another until her eyes landed on Richard.  Of course, his usual comfortable Richard position that caused a hole in one of his jeans’ pockets.  Hard plastic chair + keys in butt pocket + Richard’s comfortable sitting position + friction = a hole in butt pocket.  She saw the sign since the summer, when and where they met.

He stretched his arms behind his head, no doubt to make himself look longer.  He would stretch, acting like it was natural, a few times too many when she looked in his direction.  The longer he spoke, the longer she looked at him.

First it was his eyes.  Moving to his vertically-striped azure and white dress shirt which was a little too big for him but more fitting than most of his other ones.  His arms behind his back.  Down his to his oh whoa! Alright, keep your eyes moving up and down so you don’t appear to be such a pervert, she said to herself, forgetting to realize that she also appears perverted if she kept eyeing him up and down.

Someone else’s turn.  Look away and she looked at her notebook.  She eagerly awaited for his voice in the room.  She heard his voice again so she casually looked over at him and spent way too much time scanning his body and the bulging spot where she had never really noticed before, because he kept wearing pants that were a bit too big for him.  The difficulties of finding clothes that fit also apply to men.

Murmur murmur murmur “robotics” murmur murmur murmur.  I wonder what kind of underwear he wears.  Looks like boxer briefs, she thought and smiled.

Once the main part of the meeting was dismissed, a couple stayed because they were addressing a new student that they all would have, transferring from another school once the semester was over.  Leanne also stayed, waiting to address something someone had said earlier.

One teacher left.  Now just the hosting teacher and Richard with Leanne.  The host and Richard were talking, elaborating on the talking points for the update meeting.  He stood up and got closer to the host and the board while she sat back.  She ogled Richard even more now that she could see more of him.

She said to herself, I saw him this morning but didn’t notice his pants  How could I miss them? Oh duh, he was sitting almost the entire time and it was morning.

She kept looking him up and down, taking snack and dessert in his appearance.

He was almost irresistible.  Today, she found him to be so much more almost irresistible, especially when he slipped his hand in his pocket, the side that was facing her and not blocking both the vital ends of his silhouette.  Leanne imagined herself walking over to him to hug him out of the blue, just to slide her hands down to his backside and rub in circles, then to slide her hands down his toned thighs, legs, then back up, standing behind him now, and sliding her hands in his pockets…but she didn’t.


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