Happy New Year!

It was New Year’s Eve and both Richard and Sally attended the party filled with their colleagues and their dates.

“Hey!” said Richard to Sally, who recently arrived.

“Hey!” she joyously replied.  “How’s it going?

“Good. Very exciting stuff going on.  Glad you came,” he said with a smile he couldn’t hold in.

“Glad I came, too,” she replied smiling.

“I didn’t see you for a while.  Thought you were working tonight.”

“Something came up so I was off.”

They both felt butterflies fluttering in their stomachs.  They both saw the other’s eyes sparkle, silencing the exuberance that filled the room.

After an hour of talking and getting to know one another better, Richard and Sally found themselves hearing the room thunder with a countdown.  “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!” They looked at each other and counted along.  “Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!”

Cheers, horns, confetti, and kissing surrounding them, Richard and Sally looked around them and everyone was kissing someone.  They looked back at each and smiled.  Shrugged.  Took a step closer toward the other.  Smiled again.  A little awkwardness.  Then went for it.

First their lips touched.  And touched.  And touched.  Then their hands touched.  Their hands slid on the other’s back.  They got closer.  And closer.  And closer.  Their lips continue to be enchanted.

When their lips finally separated, they looked at each other’s sparkling eyes smiling.

A moment later, they realized that the once loud and crowded room filled with joy is now dead silent.  They turned their heads and saw the onlookers wearing a variety of faces.  Some were really surprised like they never saw it coming.  Some were smiling like they were waiting for a long time.  A select few were confused like they thought Richard and Sally were related.

Sally became very, very shy and embarrassed with all of the attention on her and Richard.  Richard had a firm hold on Sally’s hand and led her out of the crowd and into the back patio, with a glass door separating them from the onlookers.

It was so cold outside and they didn’t bring their coats.

The crowd saw that Sally was still very embarrassed, especially with an audience, while Richard was taking baby step after baby step after baby step toward her, keeping his sparkling eyes on her.  They saw him slowly go in for another kiss, but she was shyly squirming and giggling.  He slid the hand that wasn’t holding her hand, up her arm, on her shoulder, and on the nape of her neck, his thumb on the side of her face, caressing, keeping his face close to hers.  He had her attention and quickly went in for another kiss.

He got it!

She kissed back!

She enveloped her arms around him.  With his other hand on her lower back, their bodies soon got closer and closer.  Their lips and bodies were entangled for a while until she came up for air.  They saw her shyly say something quick, and Richard opened the door and led her out, holding her hand.  They left the party together.


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