Revert Update

I somehow got better. 

Maybe it’s the anxiety of getting started with a new unit.  Maybe it’s a couple of “giving it to you straight” that I got today.

I finally watched and listened to myself.  I had a friend film me teaching.  I had already realized that I ignore some parts of the class, but I didn’t know that my normal voice was an angry, aggressive voice.  I also do not have a loud voice, so now I’m struggling to find out how I can modulate my voice without sounding weak, nervous, uncertain, like I’m asking a question when I’m making statements, etc.

I also got another (of numerous) reminder that I need to post my learning targets (or objectives on lesson plans) up on the board or at least students have to have seen it.  If an administrator walks in and asks to see the learning target or asks one of my best students what the learning target is, I would be in hot water, especially for a new teacher.


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