Cover Letters

I apologize for forgetting to have a copy of the site where I got this info. from.  Here are the notes that I took while reading about cover letters.

  • Don’t use generic phrases
    • It’s the first time they see you 
    • Every word counts
  • If you can’t figure who to address it to, use “Dear Hiring Manager”
    • Share important and relevant skills
    • Don’t overuse “I”
      • Let them know what you can do for them
  • Get to the point and fast
    • Use bullet points and numbers to show experience and accomplishments that fit with employer’s stated strategic goals/plan
  • Structure cover letter to look like a series of problems/challenges you successfully met
    • No linear, chronological summary
    • Don’t exaggerate or lie
      • They’ll find out sooner or later
  • Don’t use same cover letter for all applications
    • Every mistake or typo you make on your universal cover letter will be on every application
    • You try to convey that you’re detail-oriented, but your sloppy mistakes (wrong adherence and contact info.) will stop you from getting any further
    • Don’t assume what you wrote last week or last month is still valid
  • Don’t restate what’s in your resume
    • Cover letters connect dots on your resume in an inspiring narrative or highlights reel
    • Needs to be able to stand as a complete document
  • Follow instructions
    • Don’t volunteer info.
      • Salary range
      • Start and end dates

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